We are delighted to announce the launch of a new UCITS fund, in partnership with New York-based Chesapeake Asset Management.

The fund will be managed by Gerasimos Efthimiatos, who is CIO of Chesapeake Asset Management. He said: "Our strategy invests globally based on a comprehensive framework that incorporates macroeconomic developments, structural industry trends, and granular company-level analysis, to build a long/short portfolio that can compound at an attractive rate of return over time, while maintaining a controlled risk profile and successfully navigating all types of market environments.

"Our fundamentals-based analysis has a three-year investing horizon but is complemented by an acute awareness of near-term market developments. Risk is controlled through high liquidity, moderate leverage, regular position size adjustments, and an active trading strategy designed to protect the portfolio during periods of heightened volatility.

"We believe our approach will become increasingly relevant over the next several years as the end of an era of extraordinary policy accommodation, ageing demographics, unsustainable levels of public debt, socio-political tensions, and changes in market structure, driven by the rapid rise of algorithmic trading, all combine to create a unique set of opportunities and challenges."

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Eligible investors can view our range of strategies here.

The launch was reported widely in the trade press:

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