Launch a UCITS fund

Reach a new breed of investor through alternative UCITS

The UCITS brand has a 30 year history and is the most successful cross-border fund product. It is a flexible structure which can accommodate many popular hedge fund strategies. For many managers with existing alternative strategies, a UCITS-compliant version could be a simple route to accessing the growing alternative UCITS investor-base.

  • UCITS is a popular, regulated, onshore investment vehicle
  • Various restrictions prevent many investors from investing in certain offshore funds
  • Trium partners with select hedge fund managers to structure and support new UCITS offerings through its independent UCITS platform

Exceptional Focus

Trium focuses its efforts on a small number of managers to deliver the pre- and post-launch technical expertise and sales efforts required to maximise a fund’s success.

Absolute Alignment

We are a partnership, not simply a platform, and our service levels reflect this. Our pricing model is 100% aligned to the long-term growth of our managers and we only succeed when you do.

Trium leverages its experience, distribution networks, and infrastructure to offer managers a high quality, full scope, independent UCITS solution.


The importance of being independent

Independence brings with it a range of advantages over platforms embedded within banks

  • We are not tied to any single bank provider for our products or services, and can therefore find the best service for any specific requirement, often at better rates
  • We are not your ISDA counterparty; you do not have to worry that your execution counterparty may sit just a desk away from your representative
  • We are not subject to the balance sheet competition of a bank; our distribution effort won’t be cut due to written-off loans or other unrelated issues

Targeting the right investors in the right way and at the right time

Understanding an investor’s true motivation can be challenging, but our distribution team can draw on its own experience, having worked at a diverse range of investor groups:

  • Family offices
  • Hedge funds
  • Funds of hedge funds
  • Large financial institutions

Before we approach investors, we make sure that you are fully prepared for the market. We advise our clients on the most appropriate fund features e.g. fees and liquidity terms, the optimal calibration of volatility, leverage, and net exposure, as well as helping you position your fund within the UCITS market.

Click here for our full range of UCITS-compliant strategies.


Is your alternative strategy suitable for UCITS?

  • Alternative beta / Risk premia
  • Equity long/short
  • Equality market neutral
  • Global macro
  • Multi-strategy
  • Relative value
  • Most equity strategies require relatively minor adjustments in order to be made available to investors in UCITS format
  • The lack of physical shorting in UCITS funds mean synthetic shorts must be used
  • Discretionary and systematic trading approaches are both allowed
  • Convertible bond arbitrage
  • CTA
  • Event-driven
  • Fixed income long / short
  • M & A arbitrage
  • UCITS funds cannot employ high amounts of leverage, therefore some highly leveraged strategies may not be appropriate
  • Commodity derivatives are not permitted under UCITS
  • '5/10/40' rule limits the percentage which may be invested in securities issued by a single issuer, making some event-driven strategies problematic
  • Private debt
  • Private equity
  • Real estate

  • UCITS funds must offer a minimum of bi-monthly liquidity (many offer daily dealing for their investors)
  • Strategies trading illiquid assets such as private debt or property may not be suited to the UCITS structure