Absolute Focus

Trium Capital is a specialist alternative asset manager operating a variety of client focused business lines.

Under the Trium Alliance, we identify exceptional emerging alternative managers, inviting the best to join and in many cases be seeded by Trium.  Although offered as stand alone strategies to investors, portfolio teams are integrated into our wider support group and infrastructure with an integrated Trium distribution team.

We run a multi-strategy business line, where we have a range of in-house trading teams (distinct from the Trium Alliance) running individual discretionary and quantitative strategies, offered under a single performance fee structure.

We also run an Irish UCITS platform, offering a one-stop distribution led solution for external managers looking to tap the growing UCITS market place.

We separately deploy our group’s capital with an in-house team of 20+ traders and trading teams (Trium Capital Managers). Our infrastructure, which includes an end-to-end algorithmic trading platform, enables trading teams to build an institutionally robust track record, which can be a springboard to launching as a fund manager.

Finally, with Trium SYNREX, we are building a new institutional peer to peer platform for the issuance and trading of synthetic real estate exposure.


Business Areas