We provide investors with value-added access to our exceptional managers

Portfolio Managers tend to outperform in their emerging years, but most haven’t run businesses before and cannot afford institutional level risk controls. This additional layer of risk often makes them uninvestable.

Trium solves this problem. We cherry-pick exceptional managers and work closely with them to ensure they are institutionally investable.

We also partner with a small number of carefully selected hedge fund groups to offer their strategies in UCITS or other formats, to suit the needs of different kinds of investors.

We believe that our ethos is intrinsic to sustaining performance and managing risk in the longer term

We believe that the highest levels of performance can only be achieved within the right environment, whether investing, managing risk or performing any of the other myriad functions required within an asset management company. Trium operates under a series of principles which guide our decision-making processes.

We are signatories of PRI (Principles for Responsible Investing) and SBAI (Standards Board for Alternative Investments), and members of the industry body, AIMA (Alternative Investment Managers Association).

In addition to our dedicated ESG-focused funds, we offer various options to add ESG components to many of our other strategies.