Achieving sustained performance and maintaining robust risk management 

We believe that the highest levels of sustained performance can only be achieved within the right environment. This applies to all aspects of asset management, not just investing. Our guiding principles - collectively our ‘ethos’ - help us to create and maintain the conditions to maximise success for our clients and, thereby, for ourselves.

1. Integrity is everything

Integrity and fairness are embedded in Trium's culture. Across our range of stakeholders we promote dialogue and transparency and make sure such principles are core. Trium invests in long-term partnerships with its stakeholders and in order for these partnerships to flourish, it is essential that they are fair and managed with the highest levels of integrity.

2. We are responsible investors

We are dedicated to achieving the best possible risk-adjusted returns for its investors, and believe that Responsible Investment (“RI”) and Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) are important factors to consider when delivering this.

3. A consistent edge beats flashes of brilliance

We expect our investment teams to stay true to their investment philosophy and process; we do not tolerate style drift. Consistency is everything.

4. Diversification comes from diversity

True diversity comes from diversity of experience and diversity of thought. We recognise that everyone benefits when we leverage our differences; it creates a more interesting and enriching environment for everyone.

5. Sharp minds, not sharp elbows

We believe that all team members are critical to ensuring that we meet investors’ expectations, and that people perform best in flat structures. Working with us you can draw on and contribute to the collective expertise within Trium's team, in a wide range of disciplines.

6. We are in this together

Trium's Portfolio Managers are incentivised on the continued and long term performance of their portfolios; many have exchanged considerable salaries for ‘sweat equity’ schemes and have committed personal capital with significant lock-ups.