Launch a UCITS or AIF

Trium Ireland Limited

Trium Ireland Ltd (Trium Ireland) is a full scope AIFM and UCITS Management Company.

Trium Ireland’s expert team can assist with the structuring of UCITS and AIFs, advising as to the most appropriate framework based on the features of the strategy, and in light of your target investor base. We manage the entire fund set up and ongoing running of the Fund leaving the Manager to focus on adding alpha.

Trium Ireland is the main point of contact for the liaison with the Central Bank of Ireland, lawyers and other advisers, the Depositary and for coordinating matters related to Fund governance. We take care of all regulatory requirements including annual fillings, board meetings, risk and compliance monitoring and service provider review. The platform nature of the business allows Managers to ‘Plug and Play’ reducing the time to market and letting you capture opportunities quickly while keeping costs under control.

Trium Ireland understands the complex and evolving regulatory environment and the team and board of the management company have vast experience gained across the asset management, banking and advisory sectors of the financial services industry.

Sustainability Related Disclosures in the Financial Services Sector "SFDR"

Updated March 2021

Trium Ireland Ltd SFDR Disclosure

Fund specific SFDR disclosures can be found on our strategies page here.


Partnerships are central to Trium Ireland’s long term success. We view our clients as long term strategic partners and we will take an active role in helping them to grow your business. We also view our service providers as strategic partners and have developed very strong relationships with them; from prime brokers and custodians, to administrators and auditors to legal advisers and distribution specialists, we have a network of top-tier providers that are best suited to your fund format and strategy.

Distribution Support and Passporting

The ability to Passport UCITS and AIF funds across the EU, and further afield, is one the key advantages of setting up a Fund in Ireland.

Trium Ireland manage the passporting of Funds into the relevant jurisdictions. Although there are costs associated for each country where a fund is to be sold - primarily local regulatory applications and filings, translations (if applicable), and then ongoing regulatory reporting and NAV publication - registration is a relatively painless and inexpensive process. Trium Ireland can advise on all aspects of the costs, processes, timings and what can and can’t be done in each jurisdiction, and fully coordinate the legal and regulatory process. Essentially this is a full service, leaving the fund manager free to market to distributors in the knowledge that, when traction is gained, the country registration process has been carried out.

We can, for fund managers speaking to distributors in multiple jurisdictions, arrange detailed project management of the multiple applications, going as far as arranging a web-site portal specifically for the fund manager that lists the status of applications in each active jurisdiction, and once live, offer a document download facility, guide to local regulations and timetables for filings.

Distribution Platforms

Distribution platforms are a very important feature of the European fund distribution environment, particularly for UCITS. Several leading platform are dominant and are key to accessing capital in certain jurisdictions. Trium Ireland has considerable experience dealing with various fund platforms across Europe. Having existing contracts in place which can often be extended to new funds, and having developed data files with such platforms, adding new funds should be a seamless process.

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Is your alternative strategy suitable for UCITS?

  • Alternative beta / Risk premia
  • Equity long/short
  • Equality market neutral
  • Global macro
  • Multi-strategy
  • Relative value
  • Most equity strategies require relatively minor adjustments in order to be made available to investors in UCITS format
  • The lack of physical shorting in UCITS funds mean synthetic shorts must be used
  • Discretionary and systematic trading approaches are both allowed
  • Convertible bond arbitrage
  • CTA
  • Event-driven
  • Fixed income long / short
  • M & A arbitrage
  • UCITS funds cannot employ high amounts of leverage, therefore some highly leveraged strategies may not be appropriate
  • Commodity derivatives are not permitted under UCITS
  • '5/10/40' rule limits the percentage which may be invested in securities issued by a single issuer, making some event-driven strategies problematic
  • Private debt
  • Private equity
  • Real estate

  • UCITS funds must offer a minimum of bi-monthly liquidity (many offer daily dealing for their investors)
  • Strategies trading illiquid assets such as private debt or property may not be suited to the UCITS structure