The Hedge Fund Journal: Trium Capital 'Championing Emerging Managers'

What makes an alternative "alternative"?

What are some problems that investors typically have with their alternative selections? Toby Hayes, PM of the Trium Alternative Growth strategy, recently went into the Portfolio Adviser offices to discuss what makes an alternative “alternative”.

5 mins watch

How can one use ESG screening to find shorting candidates?

Why is it important to focus on industries such as steel, cement and fertilisers, rather than the renewables or electric vehicles? How can one use ESG screening to find shorting candidates? Joe Mares answers these questions and more in his latest video with Portfolio Adviser at the Thematic Congress 2023. 

3 mins watch
Jun 22

Trium Sustainable Innovators: ISR Label

We are pleased to announce that the Trium Sustainable Innovators Global Equity and Trium Sustainable Innovators North American Equity funds have been awarded the ‘Label ISR’ – a high-water mark in ESG accreditation. Both funds received the label following an independent evaluation to verify they adhere to the label's exacting...

8 mins read
Nov 21

Hedgeweek: Emissions-focused hedge fund reaps rewards for Trium in battle against climate change

Launched in September 2019, the Trium ESG Emissions Impact Fund uses a market neutral long/short investment strategy to target high-emitting companies in hard-to-abate sectors – such as energy, mining and chemicals – where successful transformations in the form of decarbonisation and lower CO2 emissions can offer attractive long-term returns.The full...

3 mins read