Is China on a collision course with economic reality?

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) continued to loosen monetary policy in August as it attempted to revive the flagging economy. On the other hand, the US continued to defy predictions of doom and gloom while the Dollar strengthened. In our view, the Chinese currency is too strong. But rather...

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AI: Is catastrophe incoming?

We believe that AI could pose catastrophic threats to a functional society. The troubling aspect is that these risks might not become apparent until it’s too late. The Rise of Social Media and what it may tell us about AI Reflecting on the past, we can draw parallels with the...

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Are there still opportunities in quality growth?

Are there still opportunities in quality growth, and what will be the winning themes/sectors in the long term? Raphael Pitoun answers these questions and more in this short video, filmed with Portfolio Adviser at their 2023 Channel Island event.

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Six reasons why we think EM may outperform DM in the next decade

Unless you are deep in the woods of it, like we are, you may be forgiven for not having noticed that Emerging Markets (EM) have outperformed Developed Markets (DM) year-to-date (YTD). Investors and the financial media alike have ignored EM for the last decade, and perhaps rightly so, as it...

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