Volatility and Merger Arbitrage: where are the opportunities?

We often get this same question: How do we expect Merger Arbitrage to perform in varying volatility and market environments? To this end, in this article, we review historical and empirical evidence to highlight the neutral nature of Merger Arbitrage and the opportunity set that we see in different volatility...

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What if the US and China debt situations cause systemic risk?

The two debt situations are very different in the sense that, unlike previous financial crises, the US debt risk is now coming from the public debt stock rather than the private one, while in China, it is the opposite – the risks are in the private sector. That means that...

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Is China on a collision course with economic reality?

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) continued to loosen monetary policy in August as it attempted to revive the flagging economy. On the other hand, the US continued to defy predictions of doom and gloom while the Dollar strengthened. In our view, the Chinese currency is too strong. But rather...

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AI: Is catastrophe incoming?

We believe that AI could pose catastrophic threats to a functional society. The troubling aspect is that these risks might not become apparent until it’s too late. The Rise of Social Media and what it may tell us about AI Reflecting on the past, we can draw parallels with the...

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