Six reasons why we think EM may outperform DM in the next decade

Unless you are deep in the woods of it, like we are, you may be forgiven for not having noticed that Emerging Markets (EM) have outperformed Developed Markets (DM) year-to-date (YTD). Investors and the financial media alike have ignored EM for the last decade, and perhaps rightly so, as it...

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What makes an alternative "alternative"?

What are some problems that investors typically have with their alternative selections? Toby Hayes, PM of the Trium Alternative Growth strategy, recently went into the Portfolio Adviser offices to discuss what makes an alternative “alternative”. Investors should be aware that there is a risk of loss.  Past performance is not...

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How can one use ESG screening to find shorting candidates?

Why is it important to focus on industries such as steel, cement and fertilisers, rather than the renewables or electric vehicles? How can one use ESG screening to find shorting candidates? Joe Mares answers these questions and more in his latest video with Portfolio Adviser at the Thematic Congress 2023. 

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Feb 23

Trium Capital adds new co-portfolio manager to Alternative Growth Fund

Trium Capital, the multi-PM alternative asset manager, has appointed Deepak Baghla as co-portfolio manager of the Trium Alternative Growth Fund, an uncorrelated liquid alternative UCITS fund. Baghla will work alongside Toby Hayes, who has managed the strategy since its inception in September 2021.  Deepak has extensive portfolio management and trading...

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