Launch and grow a fund

We know exactly what it takes to launch a fund

Our team has supported many successful fund launches

We bring industry-leading professional skills and expertise to the challenging early stages of a new fund, helping you to structure the fund, meet due diligence requirements and attract assets.

Above all, we provide a supportive and cooperative culture, allowing you to focus on achieving the performance that is so critical in the early years, with minimum distraction.

Talented investment teams incubate their strategy within our Multi-strategy products prior to launching a stand-alone fund.

We prepare you for the market unlike anyone else

As well as providing the perfect environment for talented managers and taking care of the plethora of tasks that can distract you from your mission, Trium is unique in its ability to provide its Portfolio Managers with professional advice in the key areas of risk, structuring, operations, distribution and marketing.

Trium’s team of experts will guide you on the optimal structure of the fund (including domicile, redemption terms, and fee structures), the correct oversight and governance controls, and provide insight into investor attitudes to leverage, volatility and numerous other product characteristics.

Armed with this information, we will help you articulate the qualities of your fund in a way that positions it as an exceptional opportunity for investors, avoiding options that might make investment in the product more difficult.

Attracting assets

The Trium distribution team that supports our new and established fund managers has first-hand experience of what makes one fund more attractive than another. Because our team members have themselves spent part of their careers working at a wide variety of investors, we “speak their language” ensuring a focused and productive dialogue.

Trium team members have experience working for:

  • Family offices
  • Hedge funds
  • Funds of hedge funds
  • Large financial institutions

Our track record of bringing uncorrelated strategies to market, coupled with our deep understanding of investor requirements, means that hedge fund allocators know a meeting with a Trium manager will be good use of their valuable time.

We know how disruptive raising capital can be to the day-to-day investment operations of a fund, but our deep investor relationships and understanding of investor needs enables us to ensure that every investor meeting is worthwhile and any time you spend away from investing is kept to an absolute minimum.

Partnering with Trium is a clear signal to investors that your offering deserves their attention


Shenan Dhanani

Co-CEO, Trium Capital