Trium Ireland Limited has announced the appointment of George-James Hickey as director, sales & investor relations.    

Hickey brings a wealth of experience to Trium and possesses a strong track record of working in the UK and Europe’s wholesale discretionary fund management (DFM) markets. He has a deep understanding of the complexity and challenges of dynamic portfolio management and the alternatives space.   

Having started his career on the buy side, managing portfolios, he later worked with DFMs across the UK, creating tailored institutional structured products and as a product specialist on a suite of innovative alternative funds at Catley Lakeman May (AHFM) and latterly Fortem Capital.  

Having successfully delivered alternative solutions and funds to the DFM market over the past decade, Hickey will help bring Trium’s range of uncorrelated products to a wider audience. Hickey will also work with fund selectors in the UK wholesale market, and across Europe, on Trium’s suite of innovative ESG UCITS solutions. 

Commenting on his appointment, Hickey said: "I’m delighted to join Trium where I will be working closely with my ex-colleague Toby Hayes, one of Trium Capital’s experienced and well-regarded alternatives portfolio managers.

As inflation and volatility return to the markets in 2022, DFMs are looking to increase their exposure to liquid strategies that provide uncorrelated and consistent returns - regardless of the prevailing macro-economic conditions. This is precisely what Toby, and the portfolio managers of the other Trium’s alternative strategies, are seeking to deliver.”

Andrew Collins, Head of Trium Ireland Limited, added: “DFMs are continuing to diversify into liquid, alternative funds and Trium is emerging as an innovative leader in this space.

George is a high calibre and experienced alternatives specialist. As Trium continues to grow its range of innovative alternative funds George will be central to boosting engagement with DFMs, who are an increasingly important clients in the UK and across Europe.”