For a recent article published by Citywire, Donald Pepper, Managing Director at Trium, was asked his views on the alternative ESG fund sector.

Donald believes that there is a shortage of Alternative ESG funds, pointing out that markets are struggling to adapt to ever-changing ESG criteria adopted by companies.

He said: ‘There is a shortage. Hedge fund managers have historically not been willing to provide the kind of transparency investors expect. They believe the old myth that if you make it ESG you’ll sacrifice performance.’

Trium runs the Trium Morphic fund which can go long or short according to material ESG matters.

‘At the core of the Trium Morphic investment process is the belief that markets are unable to adapt to price changes in the real world. This, the team believes, extends to changes in ESG factors for individual companies,’ he said.

‘There’s no reason why an ESG-compliant approach won’t give sufficient opportunities.’

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