Portfolio Manager Joseph Mares, who was previously lead analyst for 'Wizard of Oz' Greg Coffey, was asked to provide commentary on a recent EuroHedge story on the future of energy markets.

Joseph stated that, although most investors and utility management teams are aware of the concensus view that current growth in carbon markets will continue, "the impact of rising carbon prices on the steel, cement, shipping, and aviation industries is less understood, and will be a challenge to both regulators and investors."

He went on to name renewables and liquefied natural gas as the two main structural growth areas in energy markets currently, stating that both benefit from cost and environmental advantages, and government support. He proposes that equities exposed to these themes are generally trading at a premium to the sector.

Joseph's profile can be found here.

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The full article, featuring extended commentary from Per Lekander, can be viewed here (requires subscription).

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